Free zones in the UAE are designated areas, where expatriates can operate their businesses to the fullest extent.

For expats from around the world, UAE Free Zone Company Registration provides a great business investment opportunity. Due to business support initiatives offered by the UAE Government and the Free Zone Authorities, the Free Zones of UAE have become the major trading hub in the region. Among the many reasons that foreign investors choose UAE for establishing businesses are the stable political conditions, the secure life, the efficient law and order, and the tax haven status. Offering lucrative incentives to foreign entrepreneurs, free zones have been established in the emirates to attract foreign investment and boost the economy.


Dubai has various locations where investors can start their business, such as offshore, mainland company setup Dubai or free zones. However, if the business is going to be established on mainland Dubai, the investor will have to have a local partner to begin the project, and this is a deterrent for various investors as they are uncomfortable with the prospect of selecting a local partner by which they can legally start the business in Dubai.


With the requirement of having to sign a local partner agreement, the formation of a freezone company setup in Dubai has become extremely popular among investors considering that no such rules are needed to be followed while forming a business setup in Dubai.


Benefits of freezone company formation in Dubai


Thanks to their modern infrastructure, duty exemptions, and excellent amenities, free zones are ideal for establishing businesses. Besides these advantages, freezone company setup in Dubai boasts a host of other benefits; a few of them as below


  • Investors can own 100% of the company, regardless of nationality,
  • Tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains
  • 100 percent repatriation of profits and capital
  • Duty-free imports and exports
  • Offices and warehouses with ease of access
  • Individuals can set up their own companies
  • Corporate tax exemption
  • Complete confidentiality of operations
  • Ability to conduct business internationally
  • Fees for renewals are lower
  • Ability to open a bank account in Dubai, hold properties, and participate in multiple activities
  • Liquidation options at any time
  • Support in terms of housing, staff visas, etc.

Key steps to follow


  • Choose the right type of legal entity.
  • Decide your trading name of choice
  • Business licenses should be applied for.
  • Find a suitable office space.
  • Prepare your business for licensing by securing pre-approvals and registering your business.

Why us


Our team has experience in successfully completing the following services related to company setup at your comfort


  • Setting up a freezone company setup in Dubai
  • The process of obtaining a trade license,
  • Registering with the Chamber of Commerce,
  • Setting up a bank account,
  • Obtaining a Director Visa under the company and family visa program,
  • Organizing office staff, financial services, and any other company-related services.

However, the Federal Government has recently made some resolutions in terms of ESR filing and UBO compliances which are mandatory for certain Free Zone companies (FZC) and Free Zone Establishments (FZE). Our experts in the respective fields will be much happier to serve you in this regard also.



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