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The mainland license, also known as the onshore license, enables people to conduct business both within the UAE and abroad without any limitations. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for issuing this professional license in Dubai, UAE. Dubai mainland license services are no longer available in the UAE without a local sponsor as of June 2021 Foreign companies can now become 100% owned by foreign shareholders in the mainland. According to Dubai Economy, there are more than 1,000 commercial and industrial activities that are 100 percent owned by foreigners.

By introducing these changes, the government expects to attract foreign direct investment into vital economic sectors in the country and strengthen entrepreneurship, including granting an investor visa and citizenship for talented people over a 10-year period. The measures are intended to make the UAE a more investment-friendly destination. 

Our company formation specialists can help you choose the right jurisdiction and business activity for your mainland entity. Choosing a professional license is the first step in starting a business in Dubai – or anywhere else in the UAE. We advise you on which options are most economical and suitable. Your business practices will determine which options are most appropriate. Licenses are available in a variety of forms, such as commercial, manufacturing, and technical.

In this case, let’s focus on the commercial. As well as trading, importing and exporting products into and out of the UAE, you can also sell some services with a commercial license. Dubai and the UAE are very common places to obtain a commercial license for many reasons. Dubai is known throughout the world for its fantastic, strategic location, surrounded by large markets throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. As a result of its numerous international airports and direct access to the Persian Gulf, the UAE is extremely popular with cargo companies.

The streamlined company incorporation process in the emirate makes it easier for traders to start trading with the help of a representative. In Dubai, every business operating there must obtain one of the available professional licenses. Commercial licenses are one of the most common forms of business licenses, which enable a business to participate in trading relationships. In Dubai, the Dubai limited liability company, which can be set up in mainland license services in Dubai as well as any free trade zone in the Emirate, is the most common form of company to operate under a commercial license.

Each free zone authority issues its own license, one of the unique aspects of free zone company setup in Dubai; however, the commercial license is the same regardless of which special economic zone a company is registered in. Free zone companies, on the other hand, can only use their commercial licenses within the respective Dubai free zones. In addition, international companies can also obtain a commercial license to open branches or subsidiaries in Dubai.

In order to start a trading business in Dubai, you’ll need to acquire a general trading license as part of the business setup process. With a general trading license, Dubai’s business startups can carry out all of their business activities under one license. Your Dubai startup could become a major player in the supplies industry to supply businesses throughout the city with necessary goods with a free zone trade license UAE. Basically everything – especially if you want to start your own goods supply company in the UAE. Free zone trade license will allow you to trade a wide range of goods, including clothing, accessories, and electronics, just to name a few.

A Dubai trade license does not require a product to be related to another, so you can trade in as many different products as you like, including model trains and artisanal jewelry. In addition to regulated goods that must meet health and safety standards, such as pharmaceutical products, frozen foods, and weapons, the Department of Economic Development allows a startup business in the UAE with a general trading license to export, import, or trade all other goods.

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