In the wake of Dubai's recognition of its a position as an international business destination, a growing number of international businesses and investors are flocking to the region to establish successful companies.

In Dubai, establishing a company on the mainland company formation and establishment is one of the most lucrative and attractive investment options. Nevertheless, determining where to set up a foreign-owned business is a key decision that impacts the company’s dynamics, company structure, growth prospects and future potential.

Companies allowed to trade within Dubai’s commercialized geo limits are called mainland companies in Dubai. There are generally no restrictions on who and where can trade in the Dubai mainland. By establishing a mainland company setup in Dubai, investors can engage in any kind of trade without being concerned about the repercussions of violating Dubai’s or the UAE’s trade regulations.

Nevertheless, some legal formalities must be followed, such as obtaining a local sponsor. It is important that you receive proper guidance during the setup process on working with a local sponsor to manage finances and retain the project You deserve a trusted businessmen service in Dubai if you are looking for a mainland business setup in Dubai, and we are the one-stop-shop adapted to Dubai’s dynamic business environment. As mainland company Setup Dubai Consultants, we are the answer to any problem regarding Dubai Company Setup. 5%.

Dubai Mainland Company License Types

Business licenses are granted in Dubai Mainland generally, based on four major license categories. Various licenses can be obtained in the following areas.

Commercial License – Businesses and organizations who purchase and sell goods and services, or deal in simple mercantile activities, are required to have a commercial license. It is very common for businesses and organizations to apply for commercial licenses in the Dubai mainland.

Industrial License – Industrial licenses are issued to companies involved in mass production and manufacturing. Dubai’s External Ministries and Government Departments need to approve the Industrial License in Dubai Mainland, and this depends completely on the type of industrial activity.

Professional Licenses are issued to firms or companies that perform service-oriented activities. In the mainland, a professional license in Dubai is required for professionals engaged in any professional activity. The professional. license is cheaper and easier to obtain in comparison with other licenses.

Tourism License – A valid “Tourism License” is required for all tourism-related activities in Dubai Mainland. A major role of DTCM in Dubai’s tourism license approval and issuance is in the approval and issuance of tourism licenses. Tourism licenses are required for all inbound and outbound tourism-related activities.

Benefits of a Dubai Mainland Company

Do you wish to expand your business or penetrate international markets? The establishment of a mainland business setup in Dubai allows you to explore the growing world connections and conduct international business.

Business formations that are flexible can adapt to new markets easily. In this way, you are able to tap into the market and enjoy maximum profits.

Businesses can restructure their operations to diversify their operations and reach new heights with Dubai’s smart city technology. By forming a mainland company setup in Dubai, the business can develop and expand more effectively. Furthermore, the setting up of a business on the Dubai mainland is quicker, easier, and more straightforward than other business formations.

A mainland company can tender for lucrative government contracts and projects, unlike other business setups in UAE Government contracts and projects in the UAE are worth millions of dollars. Thus, forming a mainland company could be a more cost-effective way to expand and by getting recognized by the authorities, your business will succeed over the long run. Not only that you can create a business status locally and internationally by undertaking government projects.

Quite a few documents required

  • Trade Mame (At least 3 name choices)
  • Activities of the business
  • Passport copy of the owner/stakeholders.
  • The entry stamp in your passport or a Visa page.
  • Passport-size photographs.


Our professional team of consultants undertake project studies, risk assessments, asset valuations, and corporate structuring or restructuring and assists in setting up your dream company on Dubai mainland: Setting up a mainland company formation in Dubai is simple when dealing with us as a well-versed business formation team.

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