Business Setup In Ajman


Business setup in Ajman requires careful planning and decision-making. The process involves selecting a company name, determining the type of business activity, acquiring the appropriate licenses, hiring human resources, selecting appropriate infrastructure, and depositing a minimum amount of capital in a corporate bank account. It is crucial to have a business management consultant in UAE who can guide you through the legalities of establishing a business in UAE. Such opportunities are provided by many management consultancies in Ajman by helping investors complete the necessary business setup procedure. 

Business setup in Ajman is easy with our knowledge of the company formation rules and guidance. We help you with getting the necessary licenses such as an Industrial/Service License, a Trading/Commercial License, and a Professional/General Trading License. In Ajman, you can choose between a mainland company, a free zone company, and an offshore company.

    Business Setup in Ajman

    In the Emirate of Ajman, foreign ownership is allowed up to 100%, and capital and profits can be repatriated. At a relatively lower cost than other free zones in the UAE, Ajman free zone offers all the advantages that an exclusive economic area should provide. Ajman Free Zone Authority does not levy a registration fee. For business setup in Ajman, there is a single-window
    process available for numerous government services, such as postal services, licensing, immigration, visas, etc. In Ajman, foreign investors have the option of getting a 20-year land lease, renewable for another 20 years, allowing their operations to be tax-exempt for 40 years.


    The company located in Ajman enjoys a complete duty-free status for imports and exports. Due to Ajman’s association with & the UAE, a respected international trading jurisdiction, Ajman businesses are not perceived as offshore companies in foreign tax havens.


    According to government guidelines, a business license is required to practice a business setup in Ajman. As one of the most crucial attraction spots in the region, the Emirate of Ajman enjoys natural aspects and features. This makes it a vital core for investments that can open up new horizons in the world of economy, and provide significant investment opportunities. To understand why Ajman is an excellent investment destination, let us take a look at some of its features.

    The City is easily accessible from Dubai and Sharjah

    • The availability of such facilities and services as power, medical care, and telecommunications
    • As an investor-friendly free zone, Ajman offers 100% foreign ownership, easy approvals, and a variety of tax benefits
    • Exports and imports are handled by Ajman port, as well as vessel maintenance and repair
    • Many industries operate at lower costs than in other free zones around the world
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    •  Raw materials for some ready-made and semi-manufactured industries are available as a result of the presence of
      primary industries
    • Transport, roads, ports, and industrial zones are built with state-of-the-art infrastructure. 
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    Through company registration, incorporation, and legal consulting, we assist entrepreneurs and firms in business setup in Ajman. Our professionals handle all the banking, visa, legal, and licensing formalities according to UAE law. During the formation of your company, your business objectives are at the center of our guidance.

    By handling all the legal formalities for your business setup in Ajman in this booming economy, we are able to assist you. Our mission is to help you gain access to the region’s state-of-the-art facilities, establish free trade agreements with the region, and establish a foothold for your business. Interested in setting up your company in Ajman? Contact us – we’re happy to help. 

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