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Pro Services in Dubai: Providing excellent service always pleases a consumer, but sustaining that level of satisfaction for a long time requires more than just being satisfied. As such, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line services that not only please a customer, but Toncliesge also offers excellent value for money as well. Sparkle Solutions provides a wide range of visa services in Dubai like employment visa services in Dubai, freelance visa services in Dubai, investor visa services in Dubai, etc including the provision of documentation and issuance assistance for businesses and individuals throughout the Emirates. The Visa documentation and application team at Sparkle Dubai is dedicated to handling one of the most sought-after services.

The Visa consultants at Sparkle Dubai work closely with the client from the beginning to the end of the process. With great precision and diligence, we handle visa processing and documentation services for a Pp: large client base. To help our clients obtain visas for Dubai and the UAE, we offer a wide range of visa services from the beginning to the end of the process. Sparkle Dubai offers visa services for both individuals and corporate clients in Dubai, You can apply for Business Visas, Investor Visas, Employment Visas, Family Visas, Tourist Visas, Freelance Visas, and Maid Visas in Dubai. It is important to know the differences between the different types of visas so you can make the best choice.

    Business Visa

    Those with a business visa as well as their dependents can stay in the country on a long-term basis. The Business Visa is part of the UAE Golden Visa program. It is designed to promote foreign investment and facilitate a professional, open-door hi environment for doing business in Dubai. We provide customized integrated services that cater to your specific visa service requirements and their application areas for end-to-end visa processing with maximal approval ratios, based on a blend of operational, informative, and financial solutions. Additionally, our professionals have extensive visa processing experience which reduces the likelihood of your application being denied or delayed.  Get a Free Quotation  OR Contact On WhatsApp

    Investor Visa

    Dubai is a great place to invest for several reasons. From Africa, Europe, and Asia it is easily accessible due to its geographical location and connectivity. Dubai is one of the most sought-after investment destinations for its impressive infrastructure, and world-class connectivity. Dubai investor visas for expats clear the way for them to enter Dubai and implement their business plans. Certain benefits of an investor visa in Dubai.

    • Corporate taxes are waived
    • Corporate bank accounts can easily be opened by investors. | mows
    • Profit and repatriation benefits in full.
    • Extensions of visas are possible.
    • Recruiting globally.
    • Easily obtain the Emirates ID and Residence visa.  Get a Free Quotation  OR Contact On WhatsApp

    An investor’s visa also known as a partner’s visa has certain procedures getting it stamped in the passport. We handle it from the stage of submitting the requisites till the visa is stamped and the passport delivered promptly, with our dedicated team for the purpose.

    Work (Employment) visa 

    For foreign nationals who wish to work in the UAE, an employment visa is mandatory. An entry permit visa is issued first, followed by a work permit visa. Based on the type of work and the duration of employment, work visas may vary. To obtain a Work Visa, the applicant must undergo a medical examination. UAE work visas may differ according to the category and duration of the job when it comes to employment in Dubai, UAE. Documentation is required and some legal procedures need to be followed. Residence visas are valid for 3 years.

    The following documents are required for Residence visa submission.

    • Application form properly filled
      Passport size photographs
    • Original passport and its copy.
      Copy of Legal company card
    • Commercial Trade license
    • Health certificate
    • Entry visa by MoL

    If you need any kind of assistance with a Dubai employment visa, feel free to contact Sparkle Dubai. Our experts in employment visa services in Dubai are always at your reach to help you obtain an employment visa in Dubai.  Get a Free Quotation  OR Contact On WhatsApp

    Freelance Visa

    A full-time work concept is rapidly changing especially after the Covid pandemic. The new generation of creative and skilled workers prefer working during their free time instead of during conventional work hours. The internet and digital revolution enabled individuals to work from anywhere and at any time regardless of location. Freelancers become their own bosses here and set their own work hours Professionals in diverse fields such as technology and media are eligible for freelance licenses. Jurisdictions offering freelancing licenses include Dubai Knowledge Park and Dubai Internet City. The Freezone authority in the concerned Free zone issues the Freelance visa which has a validity of 2 years.

    Dubai offers excellent prospects for business development; thus, a growing number of freelancers choose Dubai, both as a home and a place to work. A freelance residence permit in Dubai requires you to be registered as a freelancer in one of the free zones. Obtaining a freelancer license in Dubai is the first step to achieving that goal. You are entitled to live and work in Dubai once you obtain a Dubai freelance visa. A freelance visa allows you to bring your family with you and enjoy all the perks.  Get a Free Quotation  OR Contact On WhatsApp

    In the Education sector professionals who conduct e-learning consultancy, research, educational consultants, and counselors can apply for a Dubai Freelance Visa.

    In the Technology sector, job seekers can apply for the Dubai Freelance Visa in various fields such as Information Technology, Web-based Development, App Development, Data Analytics, etc.

    In the Media sector aspiring artists, creative individuals, music industry professionals, directors, writers, PR executives, media practitioners, social media analysts, and many more can apply for a Dubai Freelance Visa.

    Getting a Freelance Visa at an affordable cost

    We at Sparkle Dubai offers affordable Freelance visa service in Dubai whether you are looking to change your career to freelancing or if you are a professional and have expertise in Technology, Education or Media, From the selection of free zone depending upon the field of expertise and jurisdiction, procurement of documents, changing of residence visa to freelance visa if required, bank formalities are all handled by our expert team at your convenience and ease. Your dreams come true with our Freelance visa service in Dubai.