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What type of UAE companies can I start?

You can start your business in UAE in any of three locations: mainland, free zone or offshore. Mainland firms require local sponsorship and the license is issued by the Department of Economic Development. Free zone businesses may only operate within a limited geographical region and must be licensed by their respective free zone authority. Offshore firms are allowed to trade outside of UAE as well as within it, but they must go through a different set of regulations before doing so.

How to renew my business license in the mainland?

If you want to renew the commercial license, the applicant should submit the DED registered certificate with necessary approval from the ministry of Economy and National Media Company. If you want to renew the trade license, then you should submit a valid Ejari certificate and other lease contracts.

We will help you find the appropriate license to open your business by consulting with you on the type of business, market, and other related factors.

Why should I start my company in UAE?

The UAE is an ideal location to start a business. It serves as the perfect place to invest in different types of companies. Business owners are free from taxes and can expect great logistics in all the emirates. There is no capital restrictions for businesses starting out. Freedom from taxes is an attractive point that brings in employees from foreign districts.

How long will it take to setup a free zone company?

We ensure that your company is up and running as quickly as possible in a free zone. It can take 3 to 10 days depending on the  zone. All the documents are processed through our team to make sure they are legal and we have attested them with the appropriate authorities.

How to start an LLC company in UAE?

To start an LLC Company in Dubai mainland or the rest of the United Arab Emirates, reserve a trade name, get other approvals and paperwork from the necessary authorities. Get a certificate of corporation then find a place to lease office space to open your business.

What kind of company structure should I choose?

There are many ways to set up your business. You can start as a Sole Establishment, like a Sole Proprietorship or Limited Liability Partnership, or you could choose to be a Private Limited Company or Professional Services Company.

There are also options for establishing your company on the mainland, in a free zone (this is where limited liability companies are allowed), or offshore.

Do I need to rent an office for my business?

Mainland and Freezone Companies are required to have a physical location in the UAE. An offshore company is prohibited from leasing office space in the country.

It is possible to find cheap office space. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on an office, you can rent a desk in a co-working space. This is cheaper than renting an office or being self-employed. In free zones, it also makes sense to rent at least one shared desk.

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